• Sundays at 10:30 a.m. Our liturgy comes from the 1928 Book of Common Prayer (BCP). You can download it by clicking below

1928 BCP: HC_1928

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Trinity Sunday-2023

Next Service:  Feast of St. Barnabas next Sunday  at 10:30am

It was great to see you all yesterday. Please remember that the service is always recorded and posted on our website. It is also available on Facebook.

Please remember to pray for those who are feeling ill among us. Please pray for Linda, Joe,Judy, Kathy, and Retta in particular this week, as well as all of those on our prayer list. 

Next week, we will have mass on each of the rogation days as well as an Ascension Day mass. I will announce this next week as well but thought I would let you know now. Mass in the evenings is always at 6pm. I do want to emphasize the importance of daily mass if you can make it. I do understand that some people do live a distance and it is just not feasible, but I do believe that having mass is so important. For this reason, I want to try to offer mass more often throughout the week. I will let you know more info as this develops.

In the same vein, morning prayer is at 8:30 am on Sundays. Daily Office is a lovely part of our tradition and so we are trying to bring corporate prayer back to the life of the parish.

The Archbishop will be with us for the last weekend in May. Please join me in welcoming him to our parish once again. It is a very exciting weekend because we have many things to celebrate. We get to celebrate 40 years as a Parish, we get to administer a baptism, we are confirming/receiving new members, the Archbishop will bless our buildings, and I am getting licensed as a priest-in-charge. It is going to be a great weekend and I am so excited to celebrate the day with you all!

This week we do not have much going on but next week will be full of exciting events, so please come out as you are able to come out.

In Christ, 

Fr. Brandon 

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