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Trinity Sunday-2023

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In the Gospel reading we see two events occur. The first event is that of a man with leprosy who St. Matthew says worships Jesus and begs him to heal him of his leprosy. Jesus heals him and then tells him to go to the priest so he can be declared clean. The second event is that of the centurion who tells Jesus that his servant is dying. The centurion then shows great faith when he says that if Jesus says the word then it shall be done. Jesus is amazed at his faith.

These two readings show clearly that Jesus is God. He can heal both of these men by His own power. He heals the first man of leprosy which often did not have a cure in those days and he heals a man who He has not even seen. He shows us who He is and that He has come to heal His people.

As we celebrate this last Sunday of Epiphany, let us remember the revelation of Christ. Jesus came to delver us from our sin and He shows us that God has heard our cries. He shows us that God wants to heal our hurts and ailments. However, we must believe like both men,who come to Jesus, in this Gospel passage did. We have to believe that healing is possible. If we believe, is there anything God cannot do?

In Christ,

Fr. Brandon Cribbs

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