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Trinity Sunday-2023

Next Service:  Feast of St. Barnabas next Sunday  at 10:30am

On Septuagesima, we saw how the Gospel correlated with the Fall of Man and our need for a messiah. This week we read of the Parable of the Sower and we will see how this correlates with the Flood.

In Genesis we read about Noah and the Ark. The Ark would protect those on board from the violent waves of the Flood. God provided a method for Noah and his family to be saved. Noah would build an ark. He would provide the means. Noah did not know the dimensions of the ark, but God did know. If Noah had trusted in himself, then he and his family most likely would have perished but he puts his faith in God and does as he is told. This does not mean that Noah did not stand around, but he worked diligently and faithfully.

Likewise in the Parable of the Sower, we see that God is the sower. He is sewing a seed but man responds to this. In Genesis, Noah built the ark. God gave the instruction and Noah obeyed, but sadly not all follow this path. We see that not all seeds bear fruit.

The collect and the readings today are about trusting God fully. Do we understand that we do not have the power to save ourselves? The seed will never flourish without the Word of God. We must see that it is impossible to build without the help of God. We can have the greatest people, the biggest buildings or even the best outreach efforts but if we have not God, then it means nothing! It all starts with our relationship with Christ. Lent is the time that we reflect on that great love and it is an opportunity for us to grow with Christ both as individuals as well as a parish. Noah sacrificed his time and energy to build the ark that humanity might be saved from the Flood. Let us all consider this lent how we might grow from our Lenten devotions and sacrifices.

In Christ,

Fr. Brandon Cribbs

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